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The following web pages have been designed to provide students with up-to-the-minute information pertaining to the LSSC course schedule. Please search for your class below or just click "Submit" to view all courses available for the semester.

For information about wait-listing, please see the Wait-Listing FAQ.​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​​​​​

Attention all students: If you are under the 2018-2019 LSSC Catalog, please search below for specific classes available or utilize the "Discipline" drop down menu and select an academic discipline or a General Education "Area" (Area I: Communications, Area II: Humanities, Area III: Social & Behavioral Sciences, Area IV: Mathematics, Area V: Natural Sciences, Area VI: Personal Growth and Development).

For students under a previous catalog, or for further assistance, please contact Academic Advising on your home campus.  



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Online: A fully online course is one where most or all of the content is delivered online (80-100%) and typically has few or no face-to-face meetings.  Some fully online courses may require proctored testing at approved testing sites or centers and other outside the classroom course activities.  The class syllabus will detail any time required on campus or testing in a proctored setting.

Hybrid: A hybrid course is one that blends online and face-to-face delivery of the course content and instruction.  A substantial proportion (30-79%) of the content is delivered online and typically has a reduced number of face-to-face meetings.  The class syllabus will detail on campus class meeting dates or testing in a proctored setting.

Seated:  A fully seated section is one where most of the course content and instruction is delivered face-to-face, however some course materials/activities may be online.