Department of eLearning 

eLearning Staff


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Michael J. Nathanson
Director of eLearning

Picture of Kyle Cole

Kyle Cole
Assistant Director

Picture of Vanessa Holt

Vanessa Holt
Instructional Designer

Picture of Kristopher King

Kristopher King
eLearning Senior Technologist


eLearning may be defined as all forms of electronically supported systems, devices, processes, applications and media used by faculty, staff or students in the practice of teaching and learning. eLearning is a method of instructional delivery that includes distance learning, classroom technology, learning management systems, Web conferencing and other technology-related educational experiences.


Fostering the use of technology and design principles.


It is our commitment to help ensure that the most diverse student population can be reached, retained and supported using a variety of technology resources. Additionally, our commitment extends to supporting faculty and staff by designing, developing, applying, and managing their requirements relating to eLearning.