Dr. Todd Stephenson

PortraitWelcome to Dr. Stephenson's home page!  Dr. Stephenson is a Triple-Dawg alumnus of the University of Georgia - the oldest state chartered University in the United States.  He is a highly experienced Educator and Educational Trainer for over twenty years in language education and fifteen years in adult professional development and training. He has practical knowledge and international experience that includes ten years living and working overseas in Europe, the Middle East, and South America. Dr. Stephenson's research interest focuses on identifying learning and meaning-making in management settings in order to inform direction for professional development . He incorporates adult learning theory into his instruction and presentations by considering the participants as individuals whose motivations and circumstances vary. For his doctoral dissertation, he developed a new and innovative technique to analyze qualitative interview data. Dr. Stephenson holds an earned doctoral level interdisciplinary certificate in qualitative research. He has professional working proficiency in Spanish. His core competencies include: Advanced Lesson Planning, Interactive Communicative Learning , Creative and Innovative Teaching Strategies, Expatriate Work and International Study Abroad, Professional Development and Training, Career and Student Advising.