David Schneider

I am a graduate of Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA. and hold a MA in U.S. History from the University of Florida (Gainesville).  I've been an adjunct professor teaching college history and other classes since 2005.  I'm a historical researcher and am considered a leading expert in early and mid-19th Century American Railroading.  I've served as a consultant to the NatGeo Channel and have published several articles over the years, most recently in the "Civil War Times" magazine. 

I especially enjoy travel, especially to sites of historic interest.  I've been to Machu Pichu (Peru), Rome, Paris, Athens, Seoul, Madrid, London and so many more, large and small.  Some multiple times (like Venice 6 times)!  I've given lectures on Roman fortifications while in Germany and the WWII's Battle of the Buldge in Luxembourg.  I've visited 28 countries, more than half of the US states and lived in Europe for several years.

I particularly enjoy teaching in-person classes, to really get to know my students and have them get to know me.  History has a lot to teach you about the world and people and I like being part of that process!