Joanne D. Greata, Ed.D.                                                   

Contact Information:

Dr. Greata served as the Department Chair of the Education Department, Program Manager of Early Childhood Education and Program Manager of the Educator Preparation Institute (EPI) until she retired in May 2014.  Additionally at LSSC, she served on the Curriculum Committee, Teaching and Learning Committee, Enrollment Committee, and eLearning Committee.
As an adjunct faculty member, Dr. Greata teaches early childhood, child development, and education courses on all three Lake-Sumter State College campuses. Within the community, she served on the Early Learning Coalition of Lake County’s Curriculum, Professional Development, and Uniting for Children Conference Committees. Additionally, she served on the Lake Technical School Child Care Apprenticeship Advisory Committee. Nationally, Dr. Greata is a member of the Professional Development Panel for the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC).
Dr. Greata holds a doctoral degree in education, specialization in curriculum and systems design, with an emphasis on early childhood education from Nova Southeastern University.  She conducted two doctoral research practicums; Creating Musically Nurturing Environments in Infant and Toddler Settings by Providing Training to Caregivers, and Improving the Quality of Care that Children Receive by Training Caregivers in Child Development and Current Practices in Early Childhood Education.