PortraitKelly Cornell
My interest in drawing began at an early age, I was nine when I received my first artist charcoal set.  My interest grew into a hobby throughout high school and provided me with a direction to study art.  I received a bachelor of arts in Art Education with an interest in all forms of art, especially drawing, photography, computer graphics and ceramics.  I went on to get my masters in fine arts from Rochester Institute of Technology and began pursuing a teaching career in art/graphic design/photography.  I currently teach and have been teaching full time for the past twenty years at Lake-Sumter State College. I currently teach an average of 15 courses a year ranging from FreeHand Drawing I and II, Graphic Design, Art Appreciation, Basic Photography, to Ceramics I and II. I was raised in Northeast Pennsylvania but have grown very fond of the mild Floridian climate and usually travel to Pennsylvania to complain how cold it is in “June”.

Welcome to my home page!  My name is Kelly Cornell and I am a faculty member at Lake-Sumter State College.  Information on the courses I teach along with my contact information and office hours are included below.

 Department / Position

Associate Professor of Graphic Arts

 Summer A 2019 

Humanities Courses:
ARH 2000 – Art Appreciation / Online

ARH 2050 – Art History I / Online New Course!

 Fall 2019 

Humanities Courses:
ARH 2000 – Art Appreciation / Online
ARH 2050 - Art History I / Online
ARH 2051 – Art History II / Online New Course!
Drawing Courses:
ART 1300C - Freehand Drawing I
ART 1301C – Freehand Drawing II 


Art and Design Courses:

GRA 1190C – Introduction to Graphic Design / Online

ART 2750C – Introduction to Ceramics

ART 2751C – Intermediate Ceramics II


FALL 2019

Office Hours:

Tuesday's 8am-9: 30 am

Thursday's 8am-9: 30 am

Online Hours:

Sunday's 8 pm  - 9 pm

Monday's 7 pm - 9 pm

Wednesday's 7 pm - 9 pm

Thursday's 7 pm - 9 pm


Also available by appointment.

Email address: cornellk@lssc.edu

Office Location:  Fine Arts Building, Leesburg campus office number 139  

Office phone number: (352)-365-3511