PortraitMichael Hall

Welcome to my homepage! 

My background includes public and private accounting for the past 30 years.   I am looking forward to a great Summer semester exploring the subject of Managerial Accounting.  I am excited to share some business anecdotes' that will help bring comprehension of the subject matter at hand.

I can be reached via Canvas email or Lakehawk email.  My email address is hallm@lssc.edu.  It is my goal to check my email daily and respond to all email within 24 hours to Canvas emails.  Please make it a habit to check your Canvas email as it is my main method of communication with you outside the classroom.

I am available by appointment and normally before and after class.

To review the syllabus anytime night or day, please click on the syllabus tab on the left.  Also, under the Documents and Downloads tab, you will find "Helpful Hints You Need to Know About Your Instructor".  Thank you for taking the time to read this page. 

Think Positive!