Math Emporium

LSSC’s Math Emporiums are a state-of-the-art learning facility where students interact with MyMathLab software from Pearson and a​ highly-skilled instructional team to master mathematical concepts. The facilities are equipped with touchscreen PC workstations and a math staff available to help students enrolled in MAT0018, MAT0028, MAT1033, and MAC1105 (excluding online sections). Help sessions for all other math courses are available in LSSC's Learning Centers.

The power of the Math Emporium model is in its individualized, flexible approach, which links to LSSC’s mission to provide high-quality, accessible programs to all its students. The emporium model reduces or eliminates formal class meetings and replaces them with an interactive technology-enhanced classroom featuring on-line materials and on-demand one-on-one personalized assistance from LSSC faculty and assistants. The model is student-centered, providing a flexible, active learning environment for students. Any math skill deficiencies are addressed on an individualized basis. The Math Emporium model fosters an environment where students acquire knowledge through one-on-one interaction and instruction, putting the student in control of their learning.

Math Online Testing can be scheduled on the Learning Center Testing website 

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Leesburg and South Lake Campus Hours

​​         Monday - Thursday ​           7:30 am - 9:00 pm
Sumter Center Hours​ ​
Please contact MathEmp​ for availability.  ​

* Contact your instructor if you need additional assistance.
For more information about LSSC's Math Emporiums, please email  or call 352-435-6411. ​