Lake Sumter Community College
Lake Sumter Community College

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The Facilities Department is the in-house work force that provides day-to-day scheduled and unscheduled maintenance and repair for three (3) campus sites.  The sites include the Leesburg Campus in Leesburg, the South Lake Special Purpose Center in Clermont, and the Sumter Special Purpose Center in Sumterville.

  Andrew Bicanovsky
  Director of Facilities
  Lake-Sumter State College

Andrew Bicanovsky Photo



Services For Three College Sites Include:

    • Contracted Custodial
    • Grounds Maintenance and Building Maintenance
    • Campus Transportation
    • Landscaping; Painting; Carpentry
    • College Vehicle/Golf Cart Repair and Upkeep
    • Plumbing; Electrical; Heating; Air Conditioning
    • Keys/Locks Maintenance
    • Electrical/Utility Distribution
    • Security
    • Future Planning/College Master Plan
    • Educational Plant Survey (Every 5 years)
    • Capital Improvement Program (Annual State Funding Requests)
    • Coordination of College Events/Meetings
    • Monitor Climate Control 
    • SREF Inspections
    • Coordinate Remodels, Renovations, and New Construction Projects
    • Structural Repairs
    • Implement/Monitor Emergency Response System
    • Pest Control
    • Buildings/Safety Inspections


 Mission Statement

 The Facility Department is dedicated to providing an attractive, accessible, safe and secure, healthy environment with a well-planned and maintained educational plant which supports the mission and goals of based, striving for consistent service excellence as the essential component and goal of every endeavor.