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Information Systems (IS) are designed for approved present and future users. Users are defined but not limited to LSSC full-time and part-time employees, LSSC students, students from other educational facilities, members of the community, and others as defined by contractual arrangements.



Personal use of the College’s communication systems is intended as a benefit and should be used in an appropriate manner without interfering or compromising operational functions of the institution. Employees are issued authorization for specific codes and file access to carry out assigned responsibilities. Authorization for expanded or additional access to stored information beyond any regular assigned codes and files requires approval of the individual’s supervisor and the Chief Information Officer.



It is recognized that educational institutions play a unique role in promoting intellectual freedom. They serve as a point of voluntary access to information and ideas and as a learning laboratory for students as they develop critical thinking and problem solving skills needed in a pluralistic society. Acceptable use of IS resources includes supporting instructional, cultural, social, and community service programs of the College. Therefore, LSSC students are allowed access to Internet resources with the understanding that some material that can be accessed is inaccurate or may contain elements that may not meet community or personal standards of decency. The College shall not be held accountable for the accuracy or decency of data retrieved via the Internet.

Also, all equipment provided for student use belongs to LSSC. The IT department may monitor software installations for licensing purposes on each PC, and monitor hardware for inventory and possible pre-failure diagnostics. Students enrolled in online classes at LSSC are responsible for maintaining their own computers and Internet access. LSSC cannot provide repair or technical assistance for students’ equipment and does not act as an ISP (Internet Service Provider).


General Public

Use of the College’s information systems is primarily restricted to students, faculty and staff. Computers in classrooms are not available for general public use and are designated for specific purposes. However, public use of computers and networks may be essential to the operations of college libraries, Career Center, Admissions, Financial Aid, or other departmental activities.



The LSSC IT department employs various measures to protect the security of its network resources. However, since computers are located in public areas, the College cannot guarantee privacy or confidentiality. Users should exercise caution when transmitting personal or financial information via the Internet. 

As voluntary users, Internet researchers are responsible for defining the constraints of their information searches. The College shall not be held accountable.

IT Staff